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Raincoast-Duke Collaboratory

The Duke Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab (MGEL) is collaborating with Raincoast on data from BC marine mammal surveys conducted 2004-2008 to estimate abundance, model density surfaces and develop spatial decision support services. This site serves as a gateway to collaboration.


  • Server - accessible with Windows Remote Desktop with ArcGIS 9.2, Distance, R and all other necessary software loaded
    • Versioned files (code and parameter text files) are found locally in E:\code\raincoast
    • Non-versioned files are in\raincoast
      , mappable to R: (in Windows Explorer, Tools > Map Network Drive) * You can transfer data between your local machine and the remote server via Windows Explorer in the Remote Desktop session by enabling access to local files.
    • You should Logoff when done with the session, or you can simply close Remote Desktop to return to the session later.
  • Files - non-versioned files, like large databases, documents, reference articles, and software
    • - NOT working anymore
      • In Firefox 3, if you get "Secure Connection Failed", then click on: Or you can add an exception… > Add exception... > Get Certificate > Confirm Security Exception.
    • SFTP - secure file transfer protocol. I recommend using the free software Cyberduck which can sync all files. For user Caroline Fox (cfox) you would connect to server like so:
    • Versioned files, especially code, are viewable from this site's Browse Source menu.
  • Trac - this project management site
    • Wiki - notes in HTML-shorthand, aka wiki
    • Timeline - history of activity on this site
    • Roadmap - status for completion of tasks lumped into due dates, or in Trac-speak status of tickets associated with milestones with deadlines
    • Browse Source - repository for versioned files, including R code, parameter spreadsheets, and ArcGIS toolboxes
    • View Tickets - individual tasks


Help using Trac

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