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MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR)

Some components of Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (MGET), a.k.a. the GeoEco Python package, are implemented in the MATLAB programming language. To run these components, you must have either the full release of MATLAB or the MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR) installed on your computer. MATLAB is available for purchase from The MathWorks, Inc. The MATLAB Component Runtime (MCR) is a free redistributable that allows you to run programs written in MATLAB without installing MATLAB itself. Unless you plan on writing your own MATLAB programs, we suggest you download and install the MCR.

MGET requires a specific version of MATLAB or the MCR, as shown in the following table. If you already have the required version of MATLAB installed, you do not need to install the MCR. If you have a different version of MATLAB or the MCR installed, it will not work with MGET; you must install the exact version listed in the table. There is no harm in having MATLAB and the MCR installed simultaneously, or in having multiple versions of each one installed.

| **MGET Version** | **Required MATLAB or MCR version** | **Platform**     | **MCR Installer**              |
| 0.6 and later    | MATLAB 2007b or MCR 7.7            | Windows 32-bit   | `MCR 7.7 Installer for win32`_ |

.. _MCR 7.7 Installer for win32:

There is no need to reinstall MGET after you install MATLAB or the MCR. MGET components implemented in MATLAB code will start working once you complete the MATLAB or MCR installation.

MGET 0.5 and earlier versions did not contain any components implemented in MATLAB code. You do not need MATLAB or the MCR for MGET 0.5 or earlier.