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Geospatial Habitat Assessment Tool: GeoHAT

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Download version 1.0 here
Download version 1.01 here This has water tools associated with it...
Download a complete analysis of Durham Co. here


A soup to nuts multi-criteria decision support tool for habitat patch prioritization.


GeoHAT is a geoprocessing workspace that assembles the geospatial database for given analysis extent (either user defined or from a selected sub-basin) that enables calculation of several habitat patch attributes. Data are derived from publicly available data in the US (NLCD, NHD, SSURGO), and habitat can be extracted from NLCD classes or provided by the user.

Habitat patches can be prioritized on a combination of key patch attributes groups:

  • Patch size/shape
  • Patch connectivty to other patches
  • Patch connectivity to protected areas
  • Patch vulnerability
  • Patch biodiversity (actual and potential)

Each patch attribute group, in turn, has its own criteria for evalation. For example, patch size/shape can be based on patch area, core area, shape index, mean distance to edge - or any weighted combination thereof. The choices should be reflect your decision objective hierarchy and can lead to different results.